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                                        Alfredo Fossati

                                        Managing Partner
                                        After taking the degree in Economics at Bocconi University of Milan, in 1985 Alfredo started his carrier in
                                        Andersen Legal where he became partner in 1997 and from then he acted as Managing Partner for the
                                        North-East part of Italy until 2002. After one year in Deloitte he joined in 2003 the tax law firm Fantozzi &
                                        Associati and developed significantly the activities of its Milan office acting as its Managing Partner. He
                                        founded LED Taxand with Guido Petraroli in 2018.

                                        Alfredo has an extensive experience  in the management  of the tax issues involving  Italian and
                                        multinational groups and financial investors. He advices on the tax matters of transactions (M&A, group
                                        restructuring, distressed companies, etc.) for industrial and financial groups and private equity firms. He
                                        has also strong competencies in international tax planning, transfer pricing and tax disputes. He has
                                        experience acting as Statutory Board member for various companies, including listed companies.

                                        Guido Arie Petraroli

                                        Managing Partner
                                        Guido has a Degree in Economics (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan) and a Master’s Degree
                                        in Corporate Tax Law. He began his career at Andersen Legal in 1990 and continued his practice in
                                        Ernst & Young Tax department since 1999. Later he moved to the firm’s New York office. From 2003 until
                                        2017 he worked for Fantozzi & Associati in Milan, where he was a Partner. He founded LED Taxand with
                                        Alfredo Fossati in 2018.

                                        Guido has over 30 years’  experience  advising Italian and large multinationals  and institutional
                                        investors on a wide range of tax matters. He focuses on private equity transactions. Guido also has an
                                        extensive experience in international tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, real estate transactions
                                        and reorganisations.  He has  a strong competence  in the area of tax disputes  litigations  and Mutual
                                        Agreement Procedures.

                                        Marcello Mazzoni

                                        Marcello graduated in Economics and Business (Università di Bologna – Italy) in 2014 and he was
                                        admitted to the Milan Association of Chartered Accountants in 2018.

                                        He worked for EY and KPMG and joined LED Taxand in November 2020.
                                        Marcello focuses on corporate & international taxation and tax aspects of M&A transactions.
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